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New Zealand Study Visa Application Process

New Zealand has finally opened its international borders after almost 2.5 years. All the people who were eagerly waiting to migrate to New Zealand for either study or to settle, are now feeling excited and finally reaching out to New Zealand Licensed Immigration Advisers to apply for their visas. Studying in New Zealand provides a vast number of benefits and settlement opportunities for everyone. In this article, we will give an overview of New Zealand study visa process distributed in following topics –

  1. What are the benefits of Studying in New Zealand?
  2. What are the types of institutes and Levels of Courses there in New Zealand?
  3. What is the IELTS/ PTE requirement to apply for a student visa in New Zealand?
  4. What are intake months available?
  5. What is the complete student visa application process?
new zealand study visa application process

Benefits of Studying in New Zealand

  • New Zealand is considered one of the world’s safest and most peaceful countries. Quality of life is very optimum and maintained with the highest standards of living.
  • Qualifications from New Zealand are regarded and accepted globally i.e., one can work in major countries like the USA, UK, Australia etc. through education obtained in New Zealand.
  • Opportunities for settlement are abundant in New Zealand after course completion and there are many options like straight to residency category or skilled migrant category. So, after studies, one can settle in New Zealand if meeting all the requirements of the specific category.
  • Bringing partners to New Zealand is a very seamless process. One can apply for a spouse work visa or visitor visa depending on the course of study. Family visas can only be applied through a New Zealand Licensed Immigration Adviser only.
  • High Wage rates in New Zealand attract thousands of candidates every year to move and settle in the country. Min. wage rate is $21.20 per hour and for certain occupations like healthcare and teachers, the min. wage rate is $28 per hour in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand grants up to 3 years of post-study work visa depending on the level of course, we will discuss this further in this article.

Types of Institutes and Levels of Courses in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the existing institutes like universities, government polytechnic colleges, private colleges and schools offer various degree and diploma courses like master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, postgraduate diploma and certificate, graduate diploma and certificate, diploma, and certificate programs.

  • Master Courses Level 9 – Duration: 1-2 years
  • PG Diploma Courses Level 8 – Duration: 1 year
  • Graduation Diploma Level 7 – Duration: 1 year
  • Diploma Level 6 – Duration: 2 years
  • Certificate 4 and Diploma Level 5 – Duration: 1-2 years
study in new zealand

IELTS / PTE Requirement for Studying in New Zealand

Master DegreeIELTSOverall 6.5Not Less than 6.0
PTEOverall 58Not Less than 50
Post Graduate DiplomaIELTSOverall 6.5Not Less than 6.0
PTEOverall 58Not Less than 50
Bachelor Degree / Graduation DiplomaIELTSOverall 6.0Not Less than 5.5
PTEOverall 50Not Less than 42
Diploma Level 6IELTSOverall 6.0Not Less than 5.5
PTEOverall 50Note Less than 42
Diploma Level 5IELTSOverall 5.5Not Less than 5.0
PTEOverall 42Not Less than 36
Certificate 4  IELTSOverall 5.5Not Less than 5.0
PTEOverall 42Not Less than 36

Intake months in New Zealand Institutes

  • Universities – Feb, July, and November (minor) Intake
  • Government Polytechnic Colleges – Feb, July, and November (minor) Intake, some take admission in May and Oct also depending on the type of course
  • Private Colleges – Multiple intake months (Every 2-3 months)

Student Visa Application Process

  • Step 1: Selecting College and Course

Firstly, decide which course you want to study in New Zealand and from which college. To check the category of your college, go to the NZQ website. Generally, category 1 and category 2 colleges are the most preferred colleges.

  • Step 2: Arrange Financial Documents

This is a very crucial step. Before arranging any financial documents, one must be aware of financial requirements. You need to show funds.

Show Funds = 1 year of tuition fee + 1 year of living cost in New Zealand

For example: If your 1 year course fee is $22000 and 1 year living cost of New Zealand is $20000 (Fixed), Show Funds = $22000 + $20000 = $42000

If you study a course whose duration is longer than 1 year like 2 years or 3 years duration, you need to show an acceptable financial plan.

Acceptable Financial Documents list – Saving Bank Account Statements, Fixed Deposits, GPF, Education Loan/Loan Against Property, Personal Loan

Note: There can be only one sponsor. This means you cannot have more than one financial guarantor.

Sources of show funds need to be declared to Immigration including annual income proof of your sponsor.

  • Step 3: Police Clearance Certificate

PCC or police clearance certificate can be arranged from your nearest SP office or Passport office.

  • Step 4: Medical Examination

Chest X-ray is mandatory for applying for visa. A list of approved panels of doctors is given on the NZ Immigration website. The general cost of this X-ray is around Rs. 1600.

  • Step 5: Arrange Financial Documents

Documents like Academics certificates, IETLS/ PTE scores, and Work Experience Documents are needed to be submitted. If you have any gap after your last studies, for example, you were preparing for a competitive exam, or you had any medical condition, or if there is any other reason, it had to be declared genuinely with proof documents to Immigration to process the visa application further.

  • Step 6: Any previous visa refusal papers

If you have faced any previous refusals from any other country, those refusal letter papers have to be provided with the new application.

  • Step 7: FTS (Fund Transfer Scheme)

Under this scheme, $20000 (1 year living cost in New Zealand) needs to be transferred to ANZ Bank. If the Immigration officer is not satisfied with your financial documents, they can ask you to transfer this amount before your Visa is granted.  

Note: Tuition Fee payment in NZ – You can pay the 1 year course fee after the visa or you can pay this fee in advance. Visa Fee in NZ is around $430 which is Rs. 20000-22000.

Watch this video to get detailed information visually (New Zealand study visa application process):

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