best visa consultant in ambala

Best Visa Consultant in Ambala

It’s always suggested that before any student plans anything, it’s extremely important to be very clear about the career path that he or she will take. For example, what country would he or she want to study? Or, what kind of university or college he or she is targetting? There can be so many questions in the mind of the student, which is why clearing the doubts should be the first goal.

Best Visa Consultant in Ambala

The first job would be to list down all the intentions on a paper and thereby start to research on the same. Most students out there make the biggest mistake of not doing enough research and thereby going with a random choice or someone’s recommendation. It should be realized that with the help of research, students will be able to factor in the merits and demerits of a particular decision.

Times like these are when students need to ask for professional help, which is why taking the help of the best visa consultant in Ambala is very important. By contacting a visa consultant, the student will be able to gather all the precise and relevant data that will make him or her make the final choice.

Why Choose Expertimmi as your Visa Consultant in Ambala

Expert Immigration Services has a great reputation for providing immigration services since 2006. The company director of Expert Immigration Services is an Australian Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1678902) as well as a New Zealand Licensed Immigration Adviser.

He is a  graduate of RMIT University Australia and has worked many years at top Australian banks. The company follows strong ethical values and assists its clients in the best possible manners with authentic immigration advice.

The company has thousands of happy clients well settled in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Germany, Ireland & Singapore. Apart from immigration services, the company provides very high-quality IELTS, PTE, and English speaking training.

Best Visa Consultant in Ambala

With that being, we are going to discuss all there is to know about visa consultants and how they’ll be able to benefit any student out there. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

How visa consultants in Ambala help you to study abroad?

Students must know that study abroad or visa consultants are indeed quite efficient in helping a student choose the best option for their needs. They help in finding out the correct program or course which will benefit the subject or interest area of the student so that the student gets the correct number of global opportunities.

Visa consultants in Ambala also understand the overall intricacies of the visa application along with multiple regulations in different countries. They have all the solutions that students might need to solve their problems related to studying abroad. 

Things to consider before selecting a visa consultant in Ambala

Things to consider before selecting a visa consultant in Ambala

The following factors should be considered when choosing the best visa consultant in Ambala,


The student must ensure that the best immigration agent in Ambala that he or she is choosing should be registered and highly reputed around the area that the business is based in.

The procedure for immigration should be done systematically along with drafts, documentation, application handling, processing interviews, and so on. If the student chooses a registered agency, then he or she is bound to get the best possible results.

Moreover, it’s extremely vital to follow the visa immigration process accurately so that any future problems could be avoided as well.


In case the student is highly serious about going abroad for higher studies, then choosing a reliable visa firm is very vital. If the student chooses a team of freelancers to complete the process, then he or she will be making the biggest mistake of his or her life.

The reason is that there are higher chances that the student might get cheated or scammed. Furthermore, since they have no registered office or any registration, tracking them down in case of any wrong dealings will be pretty difficult.

That’s why it’s always recommended to choose a visa consultant that is registered and reliable at the same time.


Apart from the above-mentioned factors, the respected student should also proceed to obtain the full details about the consultant that he or she is choosing. Doing a background check on the consultant such as reading genuine user reviews, testimonials, and such can greatly help the student know whether the decision will be worth the investment. 

5 must-ask Question to your visa consultant in Ambala

5 must-ask Question to your visa consultant in Ambala
People holding passports, map for travel with luggage for the trip

The respected student who is planning to go abroad for studies should be asking the following questions to the visa consultant,

What will be the update frequency?

The student should ask the consultant regarding how they will contact him or her and also the frequency of the same. It should be realized that there will be times when the immigration application may take months to be approved or even years. So, in that case, the consultant should have a well laid-out plan regarding the same. The consultant should be able to take the student’s calls or even respond to his or her queries (either via email or text) – at all times.

What is the current service charge?

The student must ask the consultant regarding the charges that will be incurred for the services that are being delivered. Moreover, the charges must also be broken down and there should be enough transparency between the student and the best abroad study consultant in Ambala. It should be perceived that a good immigration consultant should be able to explain all these points clearly. 

What to do if the application gets rejected?

While most consultants out there straight-up refund the payment made by the student for the process, if the application gets rejected – it’s not the ideal solution. The ideal option would be to file a review for the rejected application.

That’s why the student must ask whether the consultant is experienced enough to perform the review process. Times like these are when a registered consultant can help the student through the immigration procedure.

Which immigration method would be a perfect choice?

Before signing a contract with a visa consultant, the student should ask the agent regarding the ideal program for him or her along with the reasons. The student must be aware of agents who cannot explain the rationale behind choosing ‘Option A’ over ‘Option B’. The answer should be able to satisfy the student and also clear any doubts.

How long the consultant has been in the industry?

It should be realized that an experienced consultant will always navigate the student through the immigration process easily. Moreover, the consultant will also ensure that the student’s application stays successful on the first try. Therefore, asking them regarding their experience is highly crucial.

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