best pte coaching institute in ambala

7 Best PTE Coaching Institute in Ambala

In case you’re new to the concept of the PTE exam, then you should know that PTE stands for Pearson Test Of English. It’s an international English Language exam that is totally computer-based and it offers an overall measure of the candidate’s overall English Language proficiency & ability. By taking such an exam, students from India can easily get admitted to organizations and institutions abroad. 

best pte coaching institute in ambala

So, if any student is a non-native English speaker and wants to showcase his or her ability to read and write the language of English, then this should be the exam that he or she should be opting for. The main purpose of the PTE exam is not only to accurately assess the English writing and listening skills of the candidate, but also the speaking & reading skills.

pte coaching in ambala

The exam is carried out in multiple countries around the world such as in India, Australia, the USA, the UK, and so on. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best PTE coaching centers in Ambala. 

Best PTE Coaching in Ambala

We recommend to all students that they should go through this list in its entirety before finally deciding on the ideal coaching center they should be joining for the PTE exam. 

Expert Immigration


Expert Immigration is one of the top-rated institutes in Ambala when it comes to PTE coaching. They have been in the industry for quite some time now and therefore the management has insider knowledge on how to train students in the best possible manner.

The faculty is extremely helpful and friendly, while the provided study materials are highly comprehensive as well. The coaching center has already formulated special PTE exam training techniques that will help students get the highest score on their first attempt. Moreover, Expert Immigration is the only coaching center in Ambala having the highest PTE exam passing percentage. 

Contact Info

Address: Jagadhari Road, Ambala Cantt, Ambala- 133001

Phone: +91 8295286970


Prowess Institute


The Prowess Institute is one of the most trusted PTE coaching centers in Ambala especially for its extensive preparation courses in subjects such as spoken English, English writing, and development of skills for interviews. The trainers that are provided to the students are highly experienced and thereby each & every concept is explained to the students for better understanding.

The management as well as the teacher have always believed in a student-first approach. Since the PTE exam requires rigorous training and preparation, the coaching center ensures that every objective is fulfilled in letting the student obtain his or her dream. The center also boasts of providing frequent test series to its enrolled students while also offering special doubt clearing classes. The batch timings are highly flexible as well. 

Contact Info

Address: Ambala Cantt, Mahesh Nagar, Ambala – 133001

Phone: +91 8901202122


AAA Bright Academy


AAA Bright Academy is another one of the brilliant PTE coaching centers in Ambala. The coaching center has been known to complete the dreams of multiple young candidates by not only sending them abroad but also allowing them to build their careers.

Apart from providing regular coaching classes, the institute also offers various types of facilities to its students, which will help them to nourish their deep learning, wisdom, and knowledge.

It should be realized that the coaching center has extremely helpful teachers who are not only dedicated to coaching the students but also assisting them whenever necessary. The center also follows a student-first approach with an amazing study environment, doubt clearing classes, and frequent class tests. 

Contact Info

Address: Ambala Cantt, #76 Mahesh Nagar, Ambala – 133001

Phone: +91 9354545432

Email: N/A

Indo West Academy


When it comes to English Language training for the PTE exam, you can always rely upon Indo West Academy for the same. The institute has been the primary success point for many ex-students out there. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the PTE or the IELTS exam, the coaching center can easily feed the ever-changing requirements of the aspiring students.

The center is highly successful in using the best of video and audio tools to help students learn topics and concepts quickly. In that way, students can always expect to obtain the best possible PTE Band Score in his or her first attempt.

The institute will be responsible for improving and building up the overall confidence of the PTE candidates with spoken & written English tests, along with guides to enhance their concentration capabilities. Doubt clearing classes are held almost regularly and student-friendly approaches are used for every methodology. 

Contact Info

Address: Model Town, Amrit Nagar, Ambala – 134003

Phone: +91 9996114545

Email: N/A

The Gate Academy


The Gate Academy coaching center is very much known for its proficient training in the PTE curriculum. The teaching faculty is made up of passionate and industrious individuals who believe that excellence can only be achieved through hard work.

But, it should be perceived that hard work alone will not be enough because, in this day & age, only smart work is important in ensuring a holistic learning procedure. The coaching center also invests in mentoring programs, thereby paving the way for aspirants towards success.

The center carries out multiple test series for the students so that students can practice well before their exams. Moreover, all the latest patterns and trends are included in the overall coaching curriculum, so that no stone is left unturned when it comes to exam preparation. 

Contact Info

Address: Ambala, Haryana

Phone: +914449919914


U.S. Study Zone


The US Study Zone institute for PTE coaching provides some of the best methodological teachings to its enrolled students. Students can either visit the coaching center personally or talk with the management on the phone.

The study content that is provided is extremely enhanced and rich so that the overall personality of the aspirant can be improved.

The center houses some of the experienced and finest teachers in the industry, making the overall studying procedure seamless and exciting. Apart from that, personality development is also provided to the students, so that they can improve their way of talking and presenting themselves before others. 

Contact Info

Address: Laxmi Nagar, Ambala – 134005

Phone: 9467094067

Email: N/A

Pollux International Institute


Pollux International Institute excels in providing coaching services to students who are preparing themselves for the PTE exams. The coaching is simply taken up by senior teachers who have at least five years of experience under their belt and therefore can guide students in the best possible manner.

One of the most notable features of this coaching center is its small-sized batches, which allows every student to get the best possible teaching experience. Test series are carried out frequently and doubt clearing sessions are held for the students as well. If any student misses his or her classes, there is a back-up class feature too. Moreover, all the classes are held live in an interactive manner. 

Contact Info

Address: Mahesh Nagar, Ambala – 133001

Phone: 099918 19503


Benefits of joining PTE coaching in Ambala

Benefits of joining PTE coaching in Ambala

The following are some of the significant benefits of joining a coaching center for the PTE exam in Ambala:


If any student wants to pass the PTE exam with flying colors on the first attempt, then rigorous preparation should be done for the exams. And such preparation cannot be done by only performing self-study at home. This is because the syllabus is vast and a proper plan should be chalked out in completing the said syllabus.

By enrolling in a coaching center, the student will not only get the correct guidance about the exam subjects but also assist in doing smart studying. Without the correct guidance, even brilliant students cannot succeed. 


A coaching center is designed to provide special attention to every student who studies there. That means that each student will be able to clear his or her doubts and will be able to grasp a better understanding of the concepts by simply discussing with the subject teacher.

Coaching center teachers generally turn out to be friendly and welcoming, allowing the students to have a positive learning environment. Moreover, students need not worry about completing the syllabus because coaching center teachers take full responsibility for the same. 

Use Of Technology

Most reputed coaching centers out there nowadays use some of the best technologies, thereby combining the use of audio and visual cues to create a holistic learning experience. Technologies such as the use of projectors, speakers, and whiteboards will always prove to be a better alternative than using the traditional blackboard & chalk powder. 

Study Materials

Study materials form one of the most significant components of enrolling in a coaching center. This is because the study materials provide the most comprehensive knowledge regarding the entire PTE syllabus at a glance. As a result, the student doesn’t have to consult any other book apart from covering the study materials. This will not only help in saving precious time for the students but also money. 

Group Study

Group study is extremely vital in improving the overall knowledge and preparation of a student. This is because when a student talks and discusses subject matters with like-minded students, he or she will come to learn about the issues or mistakes that he or she is making during his or her preparation.

Group study will always benefit all the involved parties because there’s no better thing than discussing a difficult question or concept with friends or classmates. 


Joining a reputed coaching center for PTE exam coaching will always bring out the competitiveness in students. When a student will be examined along with 20 or 30 like-minded students, better performance can be expected because of psychological factors. Psychology works in the following manner – when a student will see that his or her peer is getting good at a particular subject, there will be a natural tendency to bring improvement. Therefore, increased competitiveness will lead to better results and therefore a better career in the future for the concerned candidates.


best pte coaching institute in ambala

With the correct guidance, preparation, and hard work, any student will be able to pass the PTE exam with flying colors. However, it should be remembered that choosing the ideal coaching center is the key to a student’s success.

Not every coaching center in Ambala can provide competent coaching experience for the PTE curriculum, which is why we suggest selecting out of the ones that we have mentioned above. 

Staying competitive in this ever-changing education world is always a challenge and good coaching centers will be able to help any student achieve that objective. Students will see their curiosity and creativity improve over time and thereby enjoy a better personality than the one which was before. We hope you loved our extensive guide and in case you have any further queries, be sure to let us know. 

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